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Anyone pregnant ladies here gotten the covid 19 vaccination alrdy? If yes, pls share your experience and any side effects. A malaysian artist just pass away due to covid and her newborn baby had a c sect while only 7 months. That got me thinking if i should get the vaccine. 😭 Thank you!

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Hi,I was skeptical before however with the recent case both in here and neighbouring country. I have decided to register for my vaccines shot schedule this sat. Hubby done both his shot with no major side effect. Even My gynae strongly advice me to go for it. She took it while she was pregnant as well early this year. She experienced only sore arm. The Malaysian artist is just few of the case being published. There Are more! Singapore is opening up soon. So I felt It’s even riskier without the vaccine. Currently 29 weeks preggy. Will get the second shot when I’m 34 weeks.

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Any mummies who’ve completed the vac and gave birth already? I’m also sitting on the fence for this, as I seldom go out or get exposed thru family members. A bit worried about unknown side effects to baby neural or organs development, which don’t seem to have much data on (so far studies shown no adverse effect of vac and antibodies passed only). Wondering if more mummies can come out to share your stories esp if you completed the regime and have recently gave birth, baby weight normal? Any other things to note?

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i did not since im wfh. really afraid on the effects on baby. will take it after i deliver in dec... thus i try to stay home as much as possible and also packet food back home eventhough now the govt have lifted the restrictions for unvaccinated ppl. keep up on my personal hygiene etc... follow your instincts. no right or wrong. good luck and stay safe :)

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6mo ago


I took my first dose without knowing I was pregnant. Subsequently checked with my obstetrician and she gave the go ahead so I took my second jab at abt 7 weeks. Sore arm for first jab, sore arm and headache for the second one. Otherwise I’m well.

6mo ago

oh wow. Im so glad im not alone! I took both my doses without knowing im pregnant and by the time i found out, ive already passed the 14days of 2nd dose.

hiiii me too. Actually I wanted to take after i gave birth but after hearing the news of malaysian artist pass away due to covid. It really got me thinking if i should start vaccine now.

I have completed my 2 doses. I only experienced sore arm and got a lil extra letargic. Im all better in 2days time. I got it done at KKH with my gynae referral.

6mo ago

I finished both doses, at 20weeks now. Only side effect was sore arm. Please take the vaccine it protects you and baby!

Yes taken two dose of Pfizer and will be ending the 14 days today! Just feeling sore arm and slight fever but it goes off very quickly after taking paracetamol.

6mo ago

I booked the appointment on my own as I did not know I was already pregnant. Took the first dose during week 1 and second during week 5.

I went to take my second dose just earlier today. So far ok. My first dose I had a bit of sore arm on day itself.

Does KKH offer vaccination on the same day itself or have to book with the gynae?

6mo ago

My last check up at KKH, the doctor told me I can just tell them I wanna take the vaccine and it can be taken on the same day. But I’m still on the fence. Was hoping to see mummies who have given birth and actually have taken the vaccine during pregnancy.

Have taken the 2nd dose ystrday... m in W34+ now...., sore arms both the time...

6mo ago

what's the gap taking the 1st n 2nd dose of vaccine?