Loss of appetite during weeks 11

do anyone here loss of appetite during pregnancy? is it common or feeling down so don't feel like eating? do I need to see a doctor for this?

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I still have small appetite even though I'm in my 2nd Trimester. Gyne advised that I drink sugary drinks and eat junk foods. As long as there is food intake, everything should be fine. You should check with your gyne if you are worried. 😁

I go through the same issue during the first trimester. Only able to start eating at mid second trimester. Drop lots of weight. Doctor advised as long as there are some food in the system, everything is fine.

3y ago

yes that serious but feeling better, thank you.

Very common to feel down and lost of appetite. I cried almost everyday for 2 weeks my hubby got so worried. but gynae say is completely normal for first trimester.

Hi i had loss of appetite in my first trimester too. It should get better soon. Tell ur gynae about it. See if you can fill yourself with fluids.

3y ago

well I will asked my gynae for helps on my next appointment

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me! I still have small appetite even tho Im at 2nd tri

3y ago

mine very very small I think

Me too) : until 14weeks getting better