anyone has hired Myanmar (Burmese) maid? what's your voice?

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A friend of mine considered a helper from Myanmar but decided to go with an Indonesian because of language similarities (Bahasa Indonesian, Malay) and English language skills. But she did mention that helpers from Myanmar seem much more demure and quiet compared to other nationalities.

My Myanmarese helper has been with me for 10 months now. After talking to some friends, I realize my helper is really a simple person and has little demands. I consider myself lucky to have her. There's hardly any miscommunication even though her English isn't exactly fluent.

2y ago

Which agent is your helper from?

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I used to have a Myanmar part time helper before my full time FDW who is Indo. The Myanmar helper was more sincere and hard working by far. More reliable, less forgetful and has much more initiative.

Mine is awesome! She dotes on my LO very much and sincerely. has been here a month before i gave birth. Everyone says I am very lucky.

6y ago

that's nice.. no language barrier?

Myanmar got some language barrier. They understand very little English. I will still prefer pinoy.

not really. maybe the first 3 weeks? They have this weird sounding accent when they just arrived