Negative pregnancy test

Anyone had a negative pregnancy test but turns out you are indeed pregnant?

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Yes, it happened with my first pregnancy. I remembered feeling fatigue and nausea. In my head, I was like... Could I be pregnant? I was sexually active so without thinking any further, I bought the pregnancy test. It turns out negative. Sad, yes but I tried to not let it bother me much. Weeks passes, and my period is late but I did not think much! I thought, "I've did the pregnancy test and it's negative. Maybe I overthink and it affect my period." I continued with my life, until I couldn't take it. ALL DAY SICKNESS! I told my mom, and she told me to take a second shot. She was like, "Just take it again, maybe you're not pregnant but you might have other sickness. You don't want that now, do you?" I agreed annnnnnd it's positive! Sometimes pregnancy tests can't detect much when it's too early 😅

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Me. First time tested negative, after that I have some spotting and I thought it was my menses. Put on my Kotex and nothing more after that. Was confused whether if that was considered as menses or no. Having irregular menses and very little blood too that point of time. Feeling weird and suspicious so took the test again after a week or so and it came out positive. I am now almost 34weeks pregnant.

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ive been having symptoms for abt 2 weeks. this is my first pregnancy. i decided to wait for my period to pass. I was late for 4 days and then I did 2 tests I was negative. i was very sad thought maybe something was wrong with me. Then i tried the next day again with Clear blue a digital one and it showed positive . perhaps take a few times, some times our hcg levels are too low to detect.

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Pregnancy test strip is only accurate 12-14 days after conception. If used too early most likely will get negative result. Try to use it on your first urine in the morning, as the test strip is detecting the present of HCG in urine, usually first urine has the most amount of HCG and will reflect positive easily if you’re pregnant.

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If you test too early the hormone levels are too low to be detected by a home pregnancy test. So try to wait for at least a week until your missed period before you do the pregnancy test. And the best time to do it is first pee in the morning, because hCG levels are highest then.

Two time I take that pt. Is negative.. But my pregnancy calendar I'm 4weeks and 4days. If negative all my pregnancy test and not come my period. Until this end of this week. It's mean I'm pregnant. No pregnancy test and no menstrual period.

2y ago

same as you

Yes, I got two negative tests. I took one on the day I was due and one the following morning. I ended up buying a better quality (and fresher) test later on the second day and got the pregnant symbol :)

Yeapp. Missed my period. Took the test and it was negative. Admitted to the hospital due to my back almost breaking on me. They tested positive. And because I was just 3 weeks pregnant.

2months na po d ni reregla last mens ko ai december 21, 2020 till now di pa ako nag mens tapos nakapag pt na ako ng ilang beses negative ano po kaya dapat kung gawin


I'm 4 days late. Took HPT almost 4 times, all negative. I feel light headed and slight cramping on my lower abdomen. Is it too early to go to the GP for a blood test?

1y ago

same thoughtsss