Negative test results

I have all the signs of the pregnancy but test come out negative… is it because i teated too early? I tested one day after i missed period.#advicepls

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i tested on the same day as missed period and got a positive then. maybe the hormones not high enough yet.. you may want to test again in a couple of days with a digital kit

1y ago

Will do.. thank you so much for your advice


i tested negative even aftr 2 weeks late, so i decided to do blood test and its positive! haha. if u r rly rly curious, can just go to any gynae n do blood test :)

HCG level is not high enough to be detected. Always best to test 1 week after you've missed your period. Try again later ok! All the best!

1y ago

Thanks for your advice ☺️

Mine was pretty similar to yours. I did another test after I missed my menses for a week and it's positive after that so don't worry!

1y ago

Thanks for your advice 🤗

I tested negative after 5 days late. 😅Gonna wait till 1 week late. 😬

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maybe too early, try taking another test one week later