Similac pregnant/breastfeeding milk

Hi anyone got this free sample from similac? I added hot water previously at 75degree and got this clump. Then I change the temp to 100degree also have this clump. I don’t rmb the batch in 2019 having this clump though. Or sld I just use warm water at 45degree?

Similac pregnant/breastfeeding milk
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I dissolve the powder in a cup of room temperature water first. Then I will heat up in the microwave to have it warm.

Hi, try to fill in hot water little bit first & stir it. After that, use warm water.. so the milk not so clump :)

Using hot water will create the clumps… use warm water first stir till dissolve then add in hot water

hi, im having the same issue. Have decided to stop drinking it because of the milk clumps.

hi mummy! just use warm water. it really does clump up when boiling water is used.

I mix room temp water first before adding in Hot Water