light bleeding with clots in 33 weeks

Anyone experienced light bleeding with clots around 8.5 months? stopped in a day but came back in a few days. No pain though

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have low placenta at 33 week, had heavy bleeding was admitted to hospital they gave some injections and released me after 3 days, still having light bleeding on and off. doc says it is common in low placenta but to come back if heavy bleeding starts

4mo ago

yes dear i del8vered normally at 37+6, itbwas a very smooth delivery Alhumdulillah compared to my whole pregnancy which was quite complicated. now my baby is 9 months,

It is better to call your doctor .since you are in last stage of your pregnancy.

same case mami light spots lang p nawawala nmn at di nasakit tyan ko

So worrying , pls consult a doc