Light bleeding with clots

I am 4 weeks plus according to the scan, and i have light bleeding which doesnt show at my underwear. There is also clots. Is this normal? I dont feel pain. Scan shows that i have blood clot in my uterus. Kindly advice. TIA

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Isit u got subchorionic hematoma ?? I got that too with my 2nd pregnancy. But it usually resolve itself . Now im 32 weeks and no hematoma anymore .

7mo ago

That is nice to hear. I am unsure about the term but i was oy informed that there is clots in my uterus. Im currently having light bleeding and lower back pains that last for a min or 2

better consult with your gynae. when i had bleeding with clots at 5 weeks, my gynae gave me progesterone jab and lot duphaston. take care!

7mo ago

Thank you! I was given the same medication too. Im having lower back pains and light bleeding only. Unsure if its normal.

better to consult a with your doc. as i went for a check when i had it and the doc says it was an early miscarriage.

7mo ago

This is sad. Im having lower back pains that last for a min or 2. No pain on tummy. Just light bleeding

Didnt your doctor advise? Since already can see through the scan. Most likely bed rest with some 安胎药?


please check with your gynae immediately


I think it's best to check with your gynae

6mo ago

Have checked. Gestational sac is still intact