Gestational Diabetes?

Anyone here diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during their 1st trimester? Im having problem lowering my fasting blood sugar, but my 1hr post meals are always ok. Im currently trying 3snacks-3meals and low carb. Kind of scared to take insulin soon, anyone who has the same experience? #1stpregnancy

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I had GDM during my first pregnancy and I just had my OGCT 50 test earlier. Pero since nasa lahi ang diabetes, I'm a sure candidate again. About taking insulin, it's safe for the baby rather than risking it kapag uncontrolled ang blood sugar. Fasting blood sugar pinaka crucial since ito ung wala ka nmn food intake for how many hours so dapat mababa ang blood sugar or within the normal range.

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7mo ago

Okay lang po ba si baby despited having GDM?

Same here, fasting blood sugar ko ay 98😁 diet lang talaga tayo memsh