Hi, anyone can advice me what is essential to pack for my delivery bag? I am delivering in Mount Alvernia, is one pack of maternity pad enough? Is it necessary to buy nursing bra for bf?

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Hi, I packed these items: For mum: - change of clothes for going home - disposable underwear - anti-slip socks or bedroom slippers for walking around in room. - snacks and drinks in case labour is long. - handphone charger (very impt) - breast pump (alternatively can rent from hospital) just in case you need to pump For baby: - change of clothes for going home - Age appropriate car seat if you drive home It is easier to nurse with nursing bra especially when you are out. At home I used sports bra or bralettes. The hospital would provide the sanitary pads but they may be chargeable, best to call and check. You can also refer to this for a packing list. http://www.thebump.com/a/checklist-packing-a-hospital-bag

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I packed light. set of clothing for myself, babies set of clothing, husband long sleeve, my favourite comfort blanket, ear piece, charger and toiletries. The rest i used from the hospital bag.

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Hosp do provide maternity pads (chargeable to your bills) I didn't bring a nursing bra as milk hasn't kick in & the nursing gown is quite loose to not see the nips

I used the hospital maternity pad. Yes i bought the nursing bra, i wouldn't say it's necessary. It's a good to have.