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Praying For My Little Rainbow!

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Is My Baby Growing Well?
Feeling very anxious and worried about the growth of my little rainbow. Been trying to feel optimistic regarding about the growth, hoping miracle do happen. But still cant help it to feel worried and
Mommy, you are doing a very good job. Don’t stress yourself. We will pray for you. :)
You have done your best. Even if your little rainbow has decided otherwise, have faith that one day a little rainbow will stay.
Do you still have pregnancy symptoms like nausea, vomiting?
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Mummy must think positive and listen to gynae advise. Hold on and you will have a healthy baby😊! Listen to relaxing music and stay calm. Mummy I believe you can💪!
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How far along are you? Pls Ensure you are eating your folic acid and vitamin d tablets daily
Feeling Worried Now..
This week supposed to be my 8th week.. And today went for the vagina scan, doctor say baby didnt grow and is still at the 6th week sizes.. Is ny 2nd time pregnancy, my 1st time was also like tt, a ch
Hi there, gynae told me mine only 4 weeks when i calculate LMP 6 weeks. Then only water bag can be seen. Thats my 1st scan. I was worried as well at that point of time. Gynae prescribed me the duphast
Do you still feel pregnancy symptoms like you used to?
I totally understand how you feel. Rest well and prayers for you and ur baby
Rest well and we will pray for you. Don’t worry to much. Hope everything is fine!
Go bugis pray today is 观音蛋~ the temple really v 准! Truth me~
What U All Think Of The "excuse Me May I Have A Seat" Sticker?
I gotten this sticker from the counter when they started this. But the response from the public was like not very active. Have anyone of u gotten this?
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Hmm never seen this before. But either way I believe there are some people who have a good heart. Because some people do want to give up their seat but not sure if the person is pregnant. Happened to
Don’t think it’ll be useful eh..
Nope. Didnt ke this sticker exists.
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Personally I don't think this sticker is useful. As most of the time, people tend to play on their phone or sleep although sitting on priority seat. Best is to just ask for a seat.
I havent gotten it. But even with a bump at 36 weeks, people still didnt offer seats or any type priority and still cut our queue, what more a sticker.
Nausea While Brushing Teeth?
Does anyone of you feel nausea while brushing teeth? Have try to use smaller toothbrush but seem to be no help. 😵😵 Is it normal?
Yes. I changed my toothpaste to honey flavour type.
Me too... Minsan it's all in the mind... Basta wag mo nalang isipin na hindi ka masusuka
Me. Haha. So I tend to brush slowly and try not to puke or what. Think happy thoughts. HAHA
I also the same esp 1st trim now 2nd trim ok liao
It'll get better after 1st trimester
Diarrhea During 1st Trimester Is It Normal?
I Had Diarrhea 3 Days Ago Due To Food Poisioning? 1st Trimester Is It Okay? Do I Need To Bring Forward My Gynae Appt?
See gp will be good
See gp better.
Remember to hydrate yourself. I was also having food poisoning two weeks back. I had charcoal pill over the weekend. Felt much better after two days of rest. My hubby bought charcoal pills from Guardi
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Have you seen a doctor? I had gastroenteritis quite frequent during my first trimester too.
Seen a doc already? If yes, N you are feeling better, no need to bring forward. Just proceed to see your gynae. Also do let your gynae know. If no, pls see a doc