gift for gynae

anybody give something to your gynae after delivery? may I know what is a good present for gynae? thanks

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You can give a a box of sweets or a something personalized with ther name like a pen or notepad with there name on it.

A card expressing thank you and something nice to accompany with it will be a good way to express gratitude

Hubby and myself bake some cookies, wrapped them nicely and gave to my Gynae and her staff after delivery.

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I gave him a thank you card and took a photo with the baby and him, send it to him with a photo frame

We gave one of those gift sets they have in the hospital ...

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Hi... a thank you card with baby first month cake is ideal

Hi, Best should be a thank you card and may be cupcakes ?

A thank you card with baby photos and 1st month cakes

A thank you card and baby's first month cake

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A thankq note with some sweets n flowers ..