Able to do house chore afte csect

Anybody actually did their normal routine/house chore when theyre back from hospital (delivery via c section) I gave birth via csect 6 days ago, alto my incision still hurt, in starting to do normal house chores and quite alot of walking around the house but im scared itll be not good for my recivery.

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I did when I was discharged. I didn’t have a choice, I did not have a confinement nanny, neither did I have a good husband who will automatically help out. It’s definitely not good for recovery but if you don’t have a choice.. then you still have to do it I guess.

please rest. not good for our recovering process. i just had my c-sect 6 days ago too. even though this is not my 1st c-sect, i will still take some time to recover before doing heavy household chores.

Please rest in bed first. You shouldn't be doing household at this point of time. You must focus on your recovery. Household chores can wait or ask your husband to do.

You should be resting first.. or just get part time cleaner in the meantime. Health is more important, you need to recover

Chores can wait so priorities your health. Take painkillers.