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Any reviews about DPS international school?

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I have a friend who sends her kids in DPS International School. She commented that the school teachers are very caring and most of the teachers are foreigners with strong English background. The school offer local language such as Chinese too and this makes children able to immerse in Singapore local culture and language while they are studying in Singapore. Apart from teachers, the facilities are very comprehensive too. Her kids are very happy and looking forward to go to school everyday. I suggest you to arrange with the school to pay a visit to the school and talk to the principal directly to understand the school culture and environment.

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Well, if you check the school's FB page, it has 4.5 stars in the reviews. One of the commenters said the kids are given proper attention. So I think it merits a school visit if you're looking for one for your kid. :)

looked into this school and found a comment by a parent online who had an impression that the school was being run just for sake of running, that the school head wasn't a visionary

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I read that the school offered good exposure to show children's talent in music and dance. If you want a school that's very rooted in Indian culture, then DPS is a good choice

Yes they are good. Good to drop by and visit the school before deciding. I always like to go for surprise visits.

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