Any parents experienced a toddler that dislike going to preschool? My toddler has been going to a Montessori's school since Jan 2016, it has been 5 months. He still dislike school and make a fuss out of it. Most of the time will cry before going to school. When he is in his school, he is happy. How do you manage to overcome this school going child fear? Pls share your experiences (if any). Thanks in advance

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Many kids this age go through this called separation anxiety.Separation anxiety is a normal emotional stage of development that starts when babies begin to understand that things and people exist even when they're not present. As difficult as it might be, resist the urge to run back at the sight of tears or to have a long, drawn-out goodbye. Instead, establish a goodbye ritual that is pleasant and consistent, yet firm. Stay calm and reassure your daughter that you will be back. Tell her when you will return in terms she can understand, such as after her afternoon lessons. I will prepare her favorite snack to bring it to preschool or bring her favorite toy to accompany her to school. When fetching her after school, I will bring her favorite snack or drink, or little present to reward her for being a good girl.

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Thanks Jasmine

It is basically the separation anxiety. The kid does not take the separation from the mother too well. When I joined my new job, my daughter was one and half years old. I took 15 days of joining time and after 15 days when I joined and left my daughter at the preschool, she started crying like crazy. I again had to take 10 days of leave to settle her down. It was a very tough time. at one point I thought I would have to let go of my job, but thankfully, all went fine. Initially, I thought there might be some problem but when I looked into the matter and found that there was no problem in the school, I realised that it was because of the separation from me that she was behaving that way.

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my 3 year old also started kindergarten last year and is now finally settling in. she also used to cry a lot, but this is very normal, as all kids go through separation anxiety. different babies have different ways to deal with it. however,you have to be strong as a parent and not give in to those tears, which i know can break anyone's heart. here are a few articles i found really useful, so sharing them

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i think this is very common in most of the kids, even though there are some babies who happily head off to school! both my kids cried a lot for the first few months when they started kindergarten. in fact, my younger one cried and made a fuss the entire first year, and it is only now that she has started being a little alright about going to school, in her second year of kindergarten. even then there are days when she just does not want to go, but once she is in school, she is super happy.

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since you already know that your child is happy in school, just bear those morning tears and be strong yourself, and send your child even if he cries or makes a fuss. avoid giving him occasional breaks in between, thinking it will help him balance out going to school and being with you. this will only break his routine and confuse him. send him everyday and when he is back, spend a lot of fun time with him. ask him what fun he had in school and talk positively about school.

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Some children do this because they really love spending time with the parents. Teachers love the kids but of course cannot replace the parents, right? As long as your child is happy upon arrival at school, then you have to be patience and assure him you'll be back together after working hour . He'll not understand at first due to his young age, but as he grows up, he'll accept that mom/dad needs to go to work.

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My son was like this too. Sometimes they are very emotionally attached so feel upset while getting ready for and going to school. But if he is happy on entering the school....let it be like this. He will outgrow it, even if it takes time months. Don't worry.

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