Any mummies whose LO start rejecting breast and prefer bottles? I just started bottle feeding at night, I will be heartbroken if my LO starts rejecting my breast. Anything I can do?

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I would suggest you eliminate today any artificial nipples. No more pacifiers (if you're using them). And consider using alternative feeding methods instead of bottles. Some ideas are cup feeding (just get a soft-edged cup you can squeeze to feed baby), syringe (like you would use to give medicine), or spoon feeding (just a plastic spoon would work). This will really help with having the interest in getting back to the breast. Lots and lots of skin-to-skin! Baby down to diaper, your bare chest. Do this at night and any time you can with your baby. Just the chemical reactions that happen in your body and his really help breastfeeding. Just the smell and feel of your skin can trigger basic instincts in him to suckle. You don't have to pressure him to nurse if he doesn't want to, but you can have it there, available, store is always open! You can also use a warm bath to have skin-to-skin with your baby. Having a set of hands outside the bath to get baby in and out with you can be helpful. Make your boob your baby's best friend. Baby feeling sad? Have boob available (if he wants it). Baby getting food not from you? Have boob readily available and close by (associating food with boob). Never force your baby to nurse. Just make your bosom the comforting place that it was meant to be. Wear baby in a sling. Hold your baby lots and lots. If you use a car seat that comes out of the car (infant bucket seat), leave it in the car. That way, you'll be easily accessible at anytime, not buckles and latches away. This might be a change in parenting style for you too.

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