Any mummies find that you lost interest in things you used to love doing? I am not a good cook but I tried to learn cooking and grew passionate about cooking.. with my first child, the passion is still strong. However, my passion wears off once #2 arrived and probably due to whatever I cook for my kids, they will just reject.. Also I began to hate cooking since #3 arrived cos she is so clingy. I used to feel cooking was a way to relieve stress. However, now cooking makes me stress and angry all the time. I feel like a useless mom and wife.

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i dont think this makes you a useless mom or wife in any way. by that standard, any mom who does not cook is a bad mom or wife - NO :) it is natural for you to lose interest, as there is already a lot of pressure and responsibility on you. cooking involves time and patience, and since you already have 3 kids, i am sure you are already quite tired and worked up through the day. give yourself a break and do not stress so much. if right now you are not interested to cook, you can always take it up later if you wish. in fact, you can also try and involve your kids in simple cooking tips and tricks and prepare meals together maybe once a week as a family :)

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Yes me too. I lost interest in a lot of things. I always do half assed stuffs. Really feeling useless. I can be super excited one minute ago & next minute i just give up. Hahaha! Just find your pace. I do find new things that i am interested in, like organising events, & also i find time to read my all time fav book, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Even if it's just one chapter every few days, i do enjoy when i read it. So just find your own pace..

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Kids always rejects food. They are just fussy. So don't worry about that. Be more adventurous on the food recipe. Take this as an inspiration to make urself learn more and explore more. Yes indeed with 3 kids it gets tiring to cooks but with home cook food, it's actually much cheaper then gg out to eat

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If your kids reject your food, it's not your fault, it's just kids being kids. They are generally fussy and I don't think it's your food. Use this as a motivation for you to try out other recipes, be creative and fall in love with cooking all over again. Hang in there mommy!

I lost interest in a lot thing no more me time have a lot thing to do I don't have time to watch drama don't have time to read my books time like just not enough for me

ME! For me, i lost interest in baking. Noone in the house likes to eat sweet treats. I have noone to feed.