Hospital Bag Checklist

Hello to all amazing moms out there specially the new mommas!! 🥰 I’m 34 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I just wanna share with you the list that I have of what’s in my #HospitalBag (that I haven’t completed yet) for when I go into labor and delivery. They might seem a long list but I packed everything I can in small & light items (travel sizes) so they can fit in my hospital bag :) I tried to keep my list as practical as possible but I’m also a little bit paranoid as a new mom so let me know what you guys think (if I’m missing something or not) hehe I’d love to know your thoughts so just comment down below if you have any questions, tips, or advices! ❤️ #pregnancy #LaborandDelivery #3rdtrimester #FirstTimeMom #baby #34weeks #hospitalbag #hospitalbagchecklist #formommy #forbaby #labor #delivery

Hospital Bag Checklist
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good job mommy!