Is it allowed for post partum mum to do massage? How long i should wait before i can do a massage?

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Hi, yes u can do massage. If u delivered vaginally, u can do it any time in wk 2 or 3. If you delivered via c-sect, u have to wait minimum 4 wks but within 8 wks. This is in order not to aggregate the wound because u have been stitched up and there will be some massage near the tummy so it will definitely affect. U can also check w ur Gyne on the recommended time frame to wait before doing massage - especially important if u are doing c-sect

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Yes it is allowed if you follow the Muslim tradition of Jammu massage. Very relaxing and comfortable. Massages the fatigue and stress away and helps to remove the blood clots in the womb. The wrapping is not comfortable but helps to reduce the tummy size pretty quickly. My masseuse recommended one week after Caesarean section or 3 days after normal delivery.

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I don't think it's safe for 1 wk after cesarean!