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Do you allow your helper to keep her hair Long? What length is acceptable?

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U can ask her to tie her hair. Or if its wet, let down first then tied up later. We still need to respect her in some ways. She may use very very very long period of time be4 she can keep it so long. We definitely can be more kind

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Yes. Halfway down the back is ok to me as long as they keep their hair neatly tied or bunned up. All the way down to the butt is not ok. Waste my shampoo and water and at that point it'll inevitably get messy.

you are just employer not her owner. some tend to forget. it is not a matter of if u allow. do u need your husband or employer to give you the right to keep long hair?

For hygiene purposes, perhaps to get her to tie hair when handling food and doing house hold chores. Hair that is very long example below waist can be hard to manage also.

As long as she’s comfortable with it, though requesting that she ties it when cooking seems reasonable as I won’t want “additional ingredients” in the food.

No I won't. Coz if she needs to handle food and cooking and looking after baby. Short will be better. Or maybe shoulder length hair which can be tied.

Actually it is totally up to the helper. All I am concerned about is the hygiene and as long as that is perfect, it really doesn’t matter

Whatever works for our helper. As long as hygiene is good and she ties it up while attending to baby. It's her hair not mine 😬

As long the hair doesn't gets in the way when she's doing the chores or taking care baby. Some babies do like to pull hair.

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Honestly I don’t mind let her keep her hair coz I can’t put rules n regulation as she maintain her hygienic properly ..