after giving birth, without my big pregnant tummy.. i see all my stretch marks.. on my tummy, my hips my bum my chest. i feel so depressed...
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I used to have alot of stretch marks after giving birth too. I started applying Tremella 3 in 1 cream and only using for about a week i started seeing the stretch marks disappearing. Now my stretch ma
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Those are your "tiger stripes" for being the amazing woman and mother you are! Own them with pride. 😘
It should get better with time:) just don’t worry about it and cherish the beautiful moments with your baby :)
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sameeeeee. flabby tummy with ugly stretchmarks
I feel the same too, especially I apply bio oil religiously since week 12 but now I suddenly have red stretch marks. But it's ok, I think when you see your baby, it's worth it 😊