do you add garlic to your toddler's foods? my 3 year old still refuses to eat if she finds it is there in her food.

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yes i always do. in fact, my 4 year old hates eating garlic and always asks me if i have put it in her food. i don't add too much, but enough so that the health benefits are there and my daughter can benefit from it. since she does not like the taste of garlic, i dont fry the garlic much and add just a couple pods.

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as debolina said, don't add too much so that the taste is not overpowering. and when you are serving her the food, make sure there is no garlic in her plate. this will ensure she gets to eat food that is cooked with garlic but does not have to eat the pod as such.

yes i do add garlic to almost anything i cook. in fact, in any dish that i make with multiple vegetables, i always add garlic.

yes. if your child refuse to eat add ginger garlic paste in side dishes and in noodles