A transfer maid or a fresh maid? I am not in a hurry as my baby does not arrive for another two months. What do you recommend?

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Either way always a gamble. Someone with experience will know the ways but will also have her own ways and may be more difficult to mould her to your method. Someone who is fresh will be easier to train to your standard but may require more patience to pick up the skills. When it comes to the baby I think I would prefer someone who is experienced in handling babies because it may not be easy to train when you're trying to recuperate. As for me I prefer experienced maids because I'm a more result oriented person. I don't really interfere with how my maid decides to do things as long as it gets done.

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prefer fresh maid just arrived in SG coz they are more willing to learn, but need to ensure she is willing to take care of babies and related work that you will be giving her. Preferably someone who has some experience overseas or ecen in their home country taking care of babies. You can ask her a few Qn to see if she can manage. e.g. what will you do if baby cry non-stop, how do you bathe a baby etc. See for yourself how they respond to your Qn. Good luck.

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I got an experienced helper who had taken care of infants.. however she had only worked in other countries, not singapore. My SIL had a helper who did not have any experience with infant, was sent back due to bad attitude & don't dare to carry infant, can't take care infant at all. So it's better to find someone who had experienced with infant..

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Depends entirely on what it is that you need her to do. If you primarily want someone to care for the baby, then I would go with someone who has worked in Singapore and has experience of caring for little ones here (has a first aid training, familiar with emergency numbers etc)

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Prefer a fresh maid wto overseas work experience. atleast true color will only comes out later haha while transfer maid most of the time already big head & asking high salary.

I prefer fresh so can teach myself. Some transfer maids don’t listen to your house rules or they may have problems that’s why they r transfers

It is hard to say. If i need to make a decision, perhaps a fresh maid.