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My 6mth old has just begun consuming solid, mainly homemade purée for at most twice a day. I usually give it to her after milk feed. I realised there was a tremendous decline in her milk intake (via bottle). She will refused milk from bottle but she will be okay with direct nursing. In total, she can nurse approx. 2 hours in a day and drink only 200ml or less of FM. I do not want to force her to drink more milk as I tried & she will puke. Last check she is at 8kg @ 6mth & 3 weeks. Should I be worry?

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First of all. Have u check if ur baby teething? My baby always reject milk in any forms or bottle if shes teething. I think she associate milk smell n pain

4y ago

Oh my no 1 tooth comeout at 6mo. My baby girl first tooth come out at 10mo. And shes been teething for 2 mo, the gun hard hard for 2 months before it finally cut thru.