Water bag broke, no contractions.

6AM- I felt trickle of water which I assumed it to be discharge so I just changed underwear and put on a pad then go back to sleep. 9AM- woke up and the water just gushed out of me like running tap water open in full. Showered and called the husband to come back from work. 11AM-no contractions still. Book a grab and off to TMC since they asked me to come. 1PM- doctor checked me and i was not dilated. 2PM- Gynae asked if I wanted to be induced or go home and wait for contractions but I have to report at 7AM in the hospital tomorrow if still nothing. Now Im home because I dont want to be induced but I dont know what to do to speed up the process and because I’m leaking so much I dont feel like moving much. Has it happened to anyone? What do you do?

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