What to eat at 5 weeks pregnant

At 5 weeks, what to eat? I'm currently taking folic acid and calcium supplement

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Folic acid dont miss everyday ya! Very important for baby's growth. Can refer to clinic for pregnancy checkup either need additional vitamin. I was given extra vitamin for blood-related (untuk tambah darah). But depends on individual's health. Doctor changed my vitamin from folic acid > new obimin > zincofer (contain blood vitamin & folic acid 2in1) for my 3rd trimester. Works like wonder. Also, can take additional vitamin c (not more than 500mg) daily for supplement. Can try brand flavettes also nice~ from pharmacy.

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9mo ago

tq very much sis

Hai sis, 5w dh boleh start cri susu untuk ibu. Boleh minum dh untuk nutrien baby

9mo ago

Sis boleh pilih ada Anmum materna, similac mom, Enfamama. Ada flavour vanilla dan coklat. Dalam susu khas untuk ibu ni banyak nutrient diperlukan baby. Sis boleh pilih yg mana yang sesuai dgn sis.