My 4yo recently keeps blinking her eyes like it's itchy or something. I cut her fringe but she's still doing it. I was a bit worried she may have myopia but she could tell numbers from a distance where my 200deg eyes couldn't. Do you have such experiences w your toddlers?

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Oh... i think that u can observe for some time...see if its sty or something uncomfortable. Otherwise maybe just get her eyes checked? Got family history of myopia? A lot of screen time can also cause dryness of eyes and some discomfort. Not to scare u but i did need glasses when i was in kindergarten (family history of myopia) - but ur LO is really v young to start

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My dd is 6 and just started blinking her eyes alot about a week back. The doc said that it was probably a tic and to completely ignore it. Will keep you posted