my 4 year old has developed a strange habit of eating what other children bring for lunch at school. how can i stop this? it is embarassing. i have spoken about it but can't see any change.

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instead of scolding, ask your child what he would like to take for tiffin. that way, you will be giving your child's favourite food and chances are he will eat his own and not take from others. but if this is a habit, you will have to request the teacher to be a bit more observant and stop the child immediately, while you also will have to keep telling your child that this is not good. praise him the day he does not take from someone else's food.

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you need to talk to your little one and say how it is not nice to take away from someone else's food. ask your child why he is doing this. does he not like what you give him? what foods does he take from his friends? maybe it is just that he finds their tiffin more interesting and different from what you generally give. do talk to the teacher i feel as she would be able to give you a clear look at what is happening.

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my child had started doing the same a few months back. i told her that when you share foods from each other's tiffin, it can sometimes bring in the germs even if you can't see them. i told her that sharing food like this from the tiffin can make you get cough or cold, and fever also, and then you need injection from the doctor. she stopped.

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