5 months old baby cough & flu

My baby is 5 months plus and is having cough, phelgm and slight flu. Any tips to help him feel better? Is there medicine apart from panadol? #1stimemom #firstbaby

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I did myself, bought saline and the tube spray to one side nasal and the mucus came out easily. I learnt this when my baby was hospitalised for bronchiolitis at 4mths. The episode came again twice and both times I did the same home remedy and it went well cos doct told me try to avoid giving medicines at such a young age. It looks painful but to see my baby relieved from phlegm and mucus I knew it was all gonna be well. Not advisable to give panadol at all. If fever, do sponge down religiously on whole body till cool down.

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They cannot take panadol at this age. If you go pd they’ll prescribe saline spray/drop for the nose. They won’t prescribe any cough medicine. You can go pharmacy and buy saline spray to induce the mucus to flow out and use a aspirator to suck it out afterwards. It’ll be good if you have a humidifier at home.

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