LO hasn’t poo poo

My 3.5 months LO hasn’t poo poo for 3 days. He is mix feeding but more on EBM. Should I bring him to see doc?

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Apply ruyi oil (pour a bit on your palm and rub your palm till warm then tap on his stomach), massage his stomach by rubbing his stomach circular motion. that's what my husband do to my son and he poo poo a lot

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3 days are still considered normal, you can do some gentle tummy massage and wait a few more days. Prepare yourself for poonami 😜

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U can try doing the"bicycle massage" or apply ruyi oil on your lo tummy..hope it helps (:

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Do the bicycle exercise. If after 7 days no poop, bring him to the PD

Cycle his leg and apply some oil on his tummy . Massage clockwise.

Try Ruyi oil (little bit will do) massage for Baby daily.

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you have to give a ILU massage to your baby belly.