If newborn baby poo is it a must to be a lot or little poo small amount? My newborn baby is 1 week already. Does not latch more that's why baby didn't poo a lot? I had check with the doc he say is ok as long as he poo.

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If bm can go up to 1 wk no poo so since u have a small amount it is pretty much considered ok? As long as baby boy in discomfort and not shitting stones

Usually the poo is watery for the first few months so it may seem like a lot. But I agree it is not about how much but how often and how hard the poo is

It does not matter. Sometimes poo a little other times more. As long as he is drinking and passing motion everything is okay.

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the poo quantity doesn't matter. Since baby is on breast milk. Breast milk is digestive easily

7y ago

ok thanks. normally will poo alot. 1time she poo alot after that small amount.