$30/day for daytime nanny. Is it worth doing? What is the market price? Only take care baby, feed, bath and change baby.

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The market price is around $700-$800/month morning to evening. I know of some nannies who charge $850/mth. Usually they take care of 1 baby only so tat they can focus on him/her. Bathe, feed milk, porridge,sleep, nappy changing, wash buttocks after poop etc. If u have e patience, time and energy, go ahead. U muz be prepared tat there r some babies who r difficult to handle.

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5y ago

How old is e baby now? If e baby is going to start solids, they will need u to cook for LO. $30 is considered very good already if no need to cook. When they request u to cook in e future, u can then increase e charges when e time comes.

$30 dollars a day? Might as well go work full time or part time.. -.- $3.75? Per hour leh

5y ago

I totally agree.. sounds v little to me but again depends on your experience too.

i think it depends on your experience. i know of people charging $10/hour.

Market rate for good nannies is at least 15-20$ per hr

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$30 seems ok. No cooking needed?

5y ago

Well. it also depends how experience you are in child care too. If you are very experience, you may want to increase the price a little.