My 2 year old daughter is overly active and always throw tantrums for no reason. I'm almost giving up on her. Need professional help.

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I think it's the terrible 2 phase - it will pass soon. But then u will have the troublesome 3. Anyways it's all part and parcel of growing up. They do not know how to manage or express their emotions properly yet (nothing wrong w that) so u have to teach them - acknowledge their feelings, go through with them why they feel that way, what's the feeling called and what can be done about it. They currently only know they are unhappy so they just blast off

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It should be the terrible two stage, which will pass gradually. After my son learnt to talk more and express himself (after 2.5 years old), his tantrums got better. I sought advice here in ParentTown too, and some mommies advised letting the child vent her anger first, then calm her down and then talk to her. Don't worry, don't give up and hang in there!

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My 19 month also very active... Throwing tantrums maybe she cannot express her feelings clearly... I will calm my lo down by acknowledging her feelings... Will ask her is she mad or sad.. She will tell me..once feelings being acknowledged my lo will be more calm down and we work things out. Do find out more why your girl is throwing tantrum

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Sounds like my 10mo. My brother also asked me if my gal is hyperactive. I will rather see it as she is just still young and loud. But if you have tried ways to discipline her and it does not work then maybe professional advice is needed. Does she go to school?

My 18 months boy also similar.. Move around non stop, cry and shout louder than last time.. I suspect he entering the terrible 2 stage..

what are the thing she scare . When she throw her tantrum you try to say the thing or animal she scare it.