Baby's irregular and slow feeding

My 2mths old baby been very cranky during feeding, almost every feeding she takes about 1 hr to finish 110ml. Is it normal? When about to feed her she will just cry and wiggle away, and when she finally sucks the milk she will suck too fast and choke even when the teat is the right size. Or she will just fall asleep after just sucking for a good 10mins on off and only drinks like 40-50ml. Any solution that might make her feeding improve? 🥲🥲🥲

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110ml is a lot for 2 month old!

2y ago

my 2.5mth baby also irregular intervals. ifc said its normal below 1yr old. as they grow bigger then they can be trained to regulate feeding. and don't worry about overfeeding if u see the overall amount per day (baby's weightx200ml) mine also drinks 50 to 120 per feeding depends on her mood but overall only below 700-800ml