Question about night feeding

My 20 months old toddler still wakes up at least once during the night for milk. Is this normal?

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Pada pendapat saya kalau hanya terbangun sekali untuk menyusu itu normal. Tapi masih mahu tidur semula. Kalau anak saya, dia menyusu ASI, dia cuma gundah seperti hendak menangis, kadang2 saya ambil dan susukan & kadang2 dia sendiri menyingkap baju saya kemudian menyusu dan sambung tidur.

Mine 22 montha still wakes up 2-3x and drinks 8oz of milk. Doesnt matter if he eats heavy meal at dinner. It is okay too. Every child is different. My #1 before is sleeper.

Mine is 2 years old and still wakes up at least once to ask for milk. I guess its normal. As long as the child is generally healthy and happy, it shodnt be an issue :)

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When mine wakes up for milk, I say no more milk and offer water instead. He drinks abit then goes back to sleep. You can try. But remember every child is different

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My 1year old baby drinks his milk before bedtime and will have another one when he wakes up in the morning. That is his routine every day🙂😇

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I believe it depends on how they are conditioned. We did not put our child through any training and he still wakes up for milk once at night too.

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Mine too 😄 Even me & her daddy tried to ignore her, still she's not going to stop crying or sleep back until she had her milk 😂 20M baby.

My 28mo is still waking up for milk in the middle of the night. Though not everyday. But I dont think there anything abnormal about him.

Ok lng po ba na ipagpatuloy ko Ang mag pa breastfeed sa 1year and 6months na po na habang pregnant na po ako ngaun

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Hi... may I suggest your last feed for the day at around 11pm or midnight. Try and see if your child still require night feed

3y ago

If I give her milk around midnight sometime she will wake up 3:00am or 4:00am for milk