2 months old baby night sleep

My 2 month-old son (2m and 20 days) is 6 weeks premature. He was born at 34 weeks. I feed him 100ml breastmilk every 3hrs during the day and 120ml every 4hrs at night where I always wake him up to feed. So thats a total of 7 feedings a day Can I feed him more often at daytime and let him sleep at night?

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hi best is to follow baby cues. don't wake baby up for feed. and do take note if baby can finish 100ml you should increase abit and start dragging the time if baby can't you can try if 2 hour baby can finish 100ml a not. you have to try and work it see what's the best for your baby.

Newborns wakes up in the night for feeding. If baby request . You need to feed him.