My 18 months daughter is very fussy eater...she doesn't like to eat anything..except ice creams, chocolates, wafers etc...What can i do to make her eat healthy food?? I had made lots of efforts but all in vain..

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Hi dear, be prepared for more tantrums but remember - NEVER GIVE IN AND NEVER AGREE. the moment you listen to those tantrums and behave the way the toddler wants, they will repeat it over and over again. at 18 months old, start removing all traces of ice cream, chocolates and all this junk from your home. keep the fridge and kitchen clear of all this. also, if your baby refuses to eat, try and feed her when she is distracted. worst case, if she won't eat, let her leave the food but dont give the junk. or, tell her that you will give her one biscuit or half a wafer after she finishes her meal. start like this and slowly reduce.

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