Oral thrush or not?

My 17 months old baby has this white thingy on both his upper & lower lips. I tried wiping it off but it is still there. His inner mouth is alright. Im not sure if its oral thrush though, cause my baby didnt budge or showed signs of in pain. What i read about oral thrush is that it is painful etc. It is just that white thing on the lips. Any mummies know what that is? What should i do? Is it alarming? Im a 1st time mummy. Please help. TIA.

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Super Mum

Oral thrush appears as milky, white patches on the insides of a child's cheeks, tongue or lips and cannot be wiped away easily, as the infection is under the skin. The patches might also appear red or inflamed. Usually, the infection doesn't cause irritation, however if the mouth area is very red and raw, it might be hard for your child to eat. Another sign that your child may have an oral thrush infection is drooling. Thrush can also appear in the nappy area. To be sure, get your PD to check on baby especially if it is hurting. Your doctor can prescribe your child antifungal drops or gel to help manage the infection. If you are breastfeeding, your doctor might also prescribe an antifungal gel for your nipples. This is because you might be spreading the infection to your child when feeding. You can continue to breastfeed as usual if your baby has oral thrush.

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