My 11-week old sleeps for 18-20 hours a day. Is it too much? This is her usual routine, please help me see which parts I should change to let her stay active longer. Thanks! 9.30am- wakes up from sleep, feeding time and play 10.30am- sleep 11.30am- playtime 12.30pm- feeding time and sleep 3pm- wake up for another minor feed and return to sleep 4pm- playtime and bathing 5pm- feeding and sleep 6pm- playtime 7pm- feeding and sleep 8.30pm- playtime 10pm- diaper changing and feeding time 10.30pm- sleep till next day

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Newborns tend to sleep a lot. Their sleep is still immature and driven by the basic needs. It is common for newborns to sleep from 14 to 18 hours (in total) within a day. During this stage, as long as the baby is still waking up for feedings, a mother shouldn’t be too concerned.

May I know much does she drink per feed? Im wondering how does she sleep for 11hrs without any feed because mine wakes every 2-3hrs or even earlier in the night. I wish my child sleeps like yours. Mine is wake all the time!

5y ago

I'm not sure how much she drinks at night because she DL. However, I'll nurse her for close to an hour once in the afternoon and another round before she sleeps. Other timings she latches on for up to 15 mins. She still fuss around for midnight feeds around 4am and another round at 7.30am, but she takes in milk briefly only for up to 5mins per feed, with her both eyes closed! Haha.