vomiting and feeling nauseous

We are 10weeks. My wife is vomiting and feeling nauseous almost daily. Is it normal? She eats sweet to control herself sometimes at work.. Our next appt at kkh is next week. Any advice? #firstbaby #advicepls #firsttrimesterhere

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Yeap, it is verrry normal. I was triggered by almost everything possible. Vomit and feeling nauseous before, and after food. I vomit right after I ate, like a merlion. Triggered by cooked food, by fragrant things, any good and bad smell also vomit. But the nauseous is TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN!!! It's rite there in my throat, just waiting to vomit anytime. I am lucky that my husband understands me fully and try to help me to bear with it for 1st and 2nd trimesters. I wasnt that nauseous in my 3rd. Maybe instead of sweets, can try cold fruits like for me, i ate cold apples and watermelon. Helped me alot. Take care and congrats!! 💪🏻

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Consuming a lot of sugary or sweetened foods during pregnancy may also have an effect on your physical health. About 7 in every 100 pregnant women in the U.S. develop a condition known as gestational diabetes, as the National Institutes of Health notes. Gestational diabetes develops during pregnancy and often goes away after delivery. However, it can increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes later on, as well as increase your child's risk.

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try to eat less sugary..

It is OK to give in to the occasional food craving, as long as you continue to eat a good variety of healthy foods. If you are craving a lot of unhealthy foods, such as sweets or chocolate, try not to over-indulge. Too much sugar can cause excessive weight gain and dental problems.

Try drink 100 Plus to replenish fluid. Don’t force food down. Is normal to lose weight in early pregnancy. I lost 2kg and gain 13kg by 34 weeks.. try to take more fruits n proteins so is healthier.

Hi, yes it is normal. Will be good to ask her to drink 100plus to hydrate herself since she is puking almost everyday. Tell the gynae during your next appointment.

congrats! I also relied on sweets a lot to curb the nausea, especially with the need to have a mask on. I opted for sugar free options.

it's normal, just eat or drink things that she is comfortable with. try getting vicks to let her smell or apply to see if can relieve the discomfort.

It’s normal, I’m 13 weeks now and I’m still having nausea especially if in car.. I tried with sour plums and it helped me than taking sweets..

yes its normal.. when I pregnant my twins, I been vomiting, not eating well from 1st trims to 2nd trims.. bte, congrats to both of you..

It’s normal. This is due to the hormone. It will gets better by second trimester depending on individual.