Help! Baby not sleeping

My 1 month + old baby is not sleeping or taking naps after feeds on day time. She wakes up in the late morning and sleeps at 1am. Does it have to do with her formula milk brand?

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nope. nothing to do with formula. your newborn needs guide on sleeping. try sleep training or change sleep routine. example 7.30pm enter dark room w dim lights ( if she sleeps ard 1 hr ltr, its fine) let her get used to it. let her differentiate day and night. its hard in the start but things will get better mummy

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Hmmm it can’t be because if formula milk brand. Probably best to go see the paediatrician. Weird that a newborn is not sleeping after feeds. Does she finish the milk though?

2y ago

Ah i see. Best to see the paeds then.


you have to try using different method to coax baby sleep. can be using carrier or use rocking method

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