Sleeping arrangements

Hi there! Just curious , for those staying in 2 room rental flats , how did you guys manage yr sleeping arrangements for a toddler & upcoming newborn? We have a Q sized bed and have been co-sleeping with my toddler since newborn. Now that I have #2 on the way , me and spouse were thinking of upgrading to a K Sized but I'm afraid it won't work out well as my toddler sleeps like a monster 😂😂 he'll end up being a helicopter at night and I worry for my #2. Will it help if I get recommendations for those who used bedside cribs (those able to 'connect' to our side of the bed) or any baby cots that are worth the investment? I wouldn't wanna spend money on something that we used for a short period tbh 😅 Or is getting a mattress be ideal so that daddy and toddler can sleep on mattress while I care for newborn? I'm still surveying the differences in baby cribs as this would be my first purchase so recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Do let me know down below in the comments section how mummies managed 🥰

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