Crazy In-Laws

Do you have crazy in-laws that are delusional? I am to the extent not referring them as my in-laws as I’m utterly disgusted by their actions. So my hub has a sister whom was a mistress to a married man and later got married to him. Recently my husband’s mom openly accused her OWN son and blamed him for the sister’s hub previous divorce incident and for the sister being the mistress to him. His mom even threatened to hack him to death! Upon hearing this, my hub’s uncle was disgusted and ashamed and felt sad for my hub that he has such a poisonous mother. The youngest sister has also been continuously posting crude and untruths on her social media. But has no guts to openly mention that her posts were referring to us. Well the coincidence was uncanny that the moment my hub blocked her account and all her posts suddenly became public. I think she’s really dumb but I can only say she’s a lapdog acting on behalf of her toxic adulterous sister and brother-in-law. To get the facts out there, both me and hub did nothing to provoke them but just one fine day they decided to act upon their insecurities and lashed out at us. Kept making snide comments about our jobs, our families, our travels, our purchases, even the food that we eat. How obsessive can one get? It’s freaking my scary as to how obsessed they were with our lives to the extent they even have to replicate my social media posts on moments and experiences just to make themselves happier. Anyone faced such crazy in laws before? It’s to the extent me and hub has stayed away from them for a year since the birth of my firstborn but yet their toxicity still continues. Are we able to file anything legal to keep them away from us as in fear of the rash things they are capable of doing to me and my family members? #pleasehelp #worriedmummy #advicepls

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