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refusing solids

hi mummies! my LO is turning 11 months old soon. we have been trying to introduce solids to him since he turned 6mo. the first time, we fed him blended porridge with pureed veggies. he didnt like it, vomited it all out together with previous milk feeding. after trying for about 2 weeks, same reaction still, so we stopped as we thought he isn’t ready. the following month, when he was 7mo, we tried again, this time introducing BLW as we thought he didnt like the puree texture. same reaction still. every time, he will make an icky face and then proceed to vomit the food together with previous milk feeding. we have tried feeding solids with 2 hours intervals from milk feeding, to ensure he’s not too full. at 9mo, we met up with a dietitian from polyclinic, was advised to try adding in blended ikan bilis as flavour to his porridge, together with veggies, fish/chicken or protein of choice. still same reaction from my LO. we met up with a different paediatrician to get a different opinion, was told to wait till he is ready to eat. since he is vomiting out even his prev milk feeding, PD is afraid he might get dehydrated. he said, “some babies just dont like to eat”. till date, all he eats daily is gerbers puffs, baby bites or rafferty’s garden baby food(fruit/veggie purees). even cerelac, he will cry n refuse after a few spoonfuls. he drinks milk as per normal, will finish 180ml feeding every 4-5hrs. im starting to get worried as im afraid he might not get the necessary nutrients for his growth, as he is turning 1yo next month… mummies, i will appreciate any kind of help or advice please. TIA

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