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Milk Brand - Friso
Do you know why Friso was phased out in Philippines?
Dont knw
Postpartum Complications
Has anyone ever experienced “binat” 2 months post birth? My back is continuously aching and sometimes having headaches, not so sure if this is due to binat.
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Hi sis! No, I haven't experienced binat ever after giving birth, thank God! But I think it's most likely because I totally surrendered myself to rest. I quit my job when I was 8mons pregnant and only
Has anyone here took their 2 month baby out of the country? How was your experience riding him/her in the plane?
my experience went well, I was very surprised :) it was just an hour flight but it went very smoothly. hoping the same for you as well!
Has anyone every experienced putting a freshly pumped breast milk into freezer but it won't freeze? Other bags froze but bags from 2 days ago are still in liquid form. Appreciate your advice!
Hi mommy, I personally haven't, but I've read a few forums about it. Does your milk have a sour smell? Could be excess lipase... maybe something in the chemistry of your milk that's not letting it fre
What can you do if your 2 month old baby is constipated?
Is your baby already in formula milk? If so, try to change the brand 😉
Do I love you massage and bicycle exercise. It really helps.
How much do you spend for 3rd trimester check ups?
Php 700 pa din per check up exclusive of all tests and ultra sound and meds.
Any recommended Gynaecologist that is able to deliver in Perpetual Help Las Pinas? Thank you!
Look for Dr. Mariet Lavin-Labanen online for contact details. I think she has clinic at Perpetual LP.
Dra. Garcia or Dra. Manalad. They are truly pros! :-)
How many cans of formula do you need to feed your newborn for a month?
sis meron cya sa can na instructions kung every ilan bottle sa isang araw. but for my son 2 months na cya every 3 or 4 hours nagmmilk siya
Sin laki pa lang ng calamsi ang tiyan ng mga newborn siguro sobra pa ang isang lata sa isang buwan. Eventually mag eexpand naman ang tiyan nila at magssisimula ng dumedede ng madami, so dadami na din