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Sleep when your baby is sleeping

Sleep when your baby is sleeping is easier said than done. Nakaka relate ba kayo mommies? When your baby is sleeping the reality is that you have to catch up on a lot of things including pumping breastmilk, washing and sterilizing your baby's bottles and also your breast pump, washing the dishes, taking a shower, using the restroom for #1 or #2 and the list goes on and on. By the time you're done your baby is awake, sometimes di pa kau tapos sa kailangan gawin maggising n si baby. Pero kahit na sobrang dami natin ginagawa kahit nppagod na tau kinakaya pa dn natin dahil s pgmamahal natin kay baby. That's why us moms are the true definition of super heroes. We sacrifice our rest and our me time for our family. I hope everyone appreciates that.

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