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Steel cut oat

I bought steel cut oat for my LO. Perlu basuh dulu mcm beras ke before cooking? Or just add water and boil it?
Just like any other oats, no need to wash ya.

Nipple cream

Nipple cream apa yg terbaik? Safe for breastfeeding and organic. Any suggestions?
I used one b4 but doc advise to use breast milk more safe for baby..


Roti apa yg sesuai utk bayi 8 bulan?
Hi mommy! Boleh bg roti wholemeal. Sy dulu ms baby 1st, sy selalu potong roti jd mcm jejari tu, sapu puri kismis/kurma/unsalted butter... Pastu bakar sikit (masuk oven). Dh jd biskut baby. Hehe. Mcm k

Breastfeeding & fever

Im having sore throats, runny nose and fever. And im breasfeeding. How do mommies avoid your LO from get infected from u if u are not well?
Hi mommy. Boleh pakai face mask. Doa2 byk2 baby tak berjangkit, susu ibu tu boleh prevent dr bjangkit juga sbb ia kuatkan antibody baby. Baby sy jarang jangkit, kalau kena pun sehari dh baik sbb full

Parboiled rice

Where can i get parboiled rice that is suitable for 6 month baby in Klang Valley area, Malaysia?
why specifically parboiled rice? I gave white rice to begin with and they love other grains too. quinoa, millet, buckwheat are all very tasty