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knowledge for First time mom
Hi, I am first time mom here, currently in 10 weeks pregnancy. I learnt quite a few things here in this app here. Just thinking whether 1) any books to recommend for pregnancy, giving birth, baby
Congratulations on your pregnancy! :) “What to expect when you’re expecting” is a useful book for first time moms. And you can also check with hospitals for prenatal classes that will teach you how to
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Attend hospital anatenal classes
first gynae visit
may I know what to expect for the first gynae visit?
Blood pressure,weight and ultra scan
First gynae visit is only weight and blood pressure measurement plus ultrasound scan. Urine test is only taken on 2nd visit onwards. At least for the case of my 2 pregnancies. :)
Urine test plus ultrasound scan. Including weight, height and blood pressure measurement.
TMC (First born incentive)
This is my first pregnancy, seven weeks. Was googling about gynae from TMC. The website mentioned about FBI (First born incentive) package thing. Any one sign up? And how do you all sign up for i
Yes is very beneficial w all the discount... Sign before you go for the scans
I signed up online and the membership is instantly confirmed. They will mail the member card over
If u have decided to give birth at tmc, it is worthwhile to sign up for the FBI card. Can get discount for your oscar scan and $100 off hospital stay, so the membership fee will be offset eventually.
Any idea if the customer service counter open on weekend? Cos I will be going down Sat. Really thankful for the responses. :)
only available in TMC?