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thanks sa mga advises nyo mommies.. I already gave birth last Feb.25 at 1:19am via Normal Delivery, thanks God. ❤ ?? my 'lil angel "Nevaeh Jade" ??? TVS edd: 02/23 LMP edd: 02/26 just wanna share my labor & delivery journey... 02/23: I had spotting/bleeding (ang sakit talaga pag dugo yung lalabas ? compared if tubig) 02/24: (morning) prenatal checkup but OB is not around so I had an IE and vital signs checked at the Delivery Room since I already had spotting ang 8 min. pain interval. -- It's 3cm that time so they advised me to go home. (evening): around 9pm onwards the pain became unbearable and from 6 min. interval, it became 2-3 then every minute & I felt that my amniotic sac or waterbag broke and I'm already shivering coz of the pain. We went back to Delivery Room by around 10pm I'm at 7cm and they had me confined then and wait. The pain's ongoing and getting worse, they monitored the baby's heartbeat but won't IE me yet since accdg. to them "malau pa" dw kc 7cm pa. It's around 12mn already and I kept on telling them sunod2 na ung pain and I felt like pooping, prang e.ere talaga ktawan ko khit anong pigil. Agian, di prin cla mag che.check kc nga MALAU PA dw.. ? 02/25 @ 1am: di ko na talaga mapigil mag push na prang natatae and everytime I did that prang may lumulubo sa pwerta, feeling ko ulo na un ni bb so sinubukan ko hawakan pwerta ko and there, may prang something ? so i called the nurse again and had her check me down there and the baby's really coming at tsaka pa nla ako enentertain.. ? dhil dun sa pag ere ko ng una mejo bumukol ulo ni bb ? pro sabi nla babalik din dw un sa dati.. @1:19am I delivered my baby out ???? pero delayed ang pagtahi, around 4am na ako natahi kc wala pang doctor ? I'm just grateful for the safe and normal delivery. ??

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Here she is!
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