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FIBROID AND DIET.......... Fibroid is a condition of excess estrogen in female body. Several studies have linked estrogen to fibroid growth, in a sense, it is considered an estrogen-dependent condition. Hence, reducing estrogen is the best solution to shrink fibroids.#bantusharing There are people who have fibroid but it does not disturb them. If you have fibroid and it is not in the cavity and it does not disturb you, do not worry much about it. And if you have fibroid and have done surgery , there is need to embark on lifestyle choices and make sure your hormones are balanced to avoid regrowth. How can you reduce estrogen? Estrogen can be reduced through two major ways; diet and detoxification. Detoxification simply means removal of toxins from the body. Accumulation of toxins is one of the reason for hormonal imbalance. The liver which is responsible for hormonal balance is busy cleaning toxins and as a result can not effectively balance hormone. So the first natural treatment for hormonal imbalance is detoxification. DIET AND FIBROIDS Diet and lifestyle choices play a great role in management of fibroid. During our previous challenge, there are people who eat healthy ,followed the rules of the challenge and had a significant improvement in their fibroid. Therefore, if you are trying to conceive and manage your fibroid, there are certain foods you must eat and there are some you must avoid. What kind of food should one eat and what should one avoid? Let's start with things to avoid..... 1. Eliminate sugar, refined foods, white flour, spaghetti etc from your diet 2. Caffeine-rich foods like coffee, carbonated drinks (soft drinks), tea, chocolate should be stopped entirely. 3. Stay away from meat and fowl consumption entirely. 4. Animal fats should be eliminated from your diet. 5. Avoid taking milk except plant based milk like almond milk, coconut milk, tiger nut milk etc or milk from organic cattles. 6. Avoid soy products like soya meals, drinks and juices . *Foods to be taken* 1. Vegetables - All green fresh vegetables such as Scent leave, Bitter leaves, Ugu leaves , Water leaves , Cabbage, Turnip, Beet, Carrot, Cucumber, Spinach, Radish, Tomato, Peppers, Onions etc. 2. Cereals - Unpolished rice, millet, maize ,etc 3. Sweets - Honey, Date powder. 4. Sprouts: Wheat, Alfalfa, Ground nut, etc. 5. Dry fruits - Date, Fig, Raisin and Currant. 6. Fresh fruits - All seasonal fresh and ripe fruits like Guava, Pear, Apple, Banana, Papaya, Agbalumo, Orange, etc. 7. Juice - Fresh juice of Pine apple, Orange, Carrot, etc. 8. Soup -Vegetable soup, pepper soup 9. Liquid - Lemon water, Coconut water, Coconut milk, Tiger nut milk , Butter milk, etc. . I hope you got value from the post?

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